On it goes

Work options abound and I’m getting close to making a final decision. The summer will be spent in California — I know that much. Last round of interviews this weekend in SF + party with Kyle/Jeff/Kev Xu/people on Saturday :)

^ mostly looking forward to that.

School is rough. Well, physics 214 is rough. I honestly don’t care what I get in it as long as I pass, which might be the problem. It doesn’t count toward technical GPA, it’s a 2 credit hour course, and has no applicability to my career interests. So I haven’t been doing as much practice as I probably should. I’ve mostly been spending my weekends cooking for various groups of friends.

I really like cooking.

We had a wine-tasting lesson via Rhea this past weekend. It was awesome: now I finally know how to enjoy wine. It’s amazing what knowing what to look for does for enjoyability. Also realizing that wine should be had slowly. Rhea’s wines were really good too — her family has some orchards and make their own. We got to learn about the whole process!

Really sad the semester is nearing the halfway point. It’s just starting to get good. Once physics 214 is over, my semester is going to be SO fun. The only work I’ll have to do is really computer vision, and maybe a little software engineering. And moon goons. Which is just that.

A bunch of goons trying to con their way to the moon.