Sam’s Experimental Tiramisu Recipe

Raw egg and espresso are classic ingredients to tiramisu but I’m paranoid about raw stuff and don’t have an espresso machine. So here’s my take on my favorite dessert.

Sam’s Experimental Tiramisu Recipe with no raw egg and no espresso
– 16 oz marscapone cheese
– 4 large egg yolks
– 1 cup of double brewed coffee (if you use a french press just use an approximate shitton of grinds and ~4 minutes at 204 degrees Fahrenheit)
– ~5 tbsp amaretto (use more to make it tipsifying / sweeter)
– 1.25 cups heavy cream
– Vanilla (1-3 tsp)
– 4 packages of italian ladyfingers (not the crunchy french ones, the soft italian ones!!!)
– 1 cup of sugar
– 1 cup of milk
– Strawberries, cocoa powder, and mint leaves (for garnish)

Serves ~12.

General idea: alternating layers of ladyfingers-marscapone-whippedcream (x2 or x100) with a thin layer of cocoa powder on top. This recipe will detail making 3 separate components:

(A) – The coffee mixture that goes into the lady fingers
(B) – The whipped cream
(C) – The yolk-milk-marscapone mixture
(D) – how to put it together

Part A

1. Brew coffee, mix with amaretto. More amaretto = more alcoholic. You can also try other kinds of alcohol: I’ve tried kahlua, baileys, and amaretto. As far as amaretto goes, you can use the cheaper kind (not disaronno since it’s brand name) to save money, nobody will taste the difference. Though since we need so little you might want to get nicer amaretto since you or somebody will probably be drinking the rest.

If you’re looking to make Sam’s Alcoholic Tiramisu recipe, replace the whole coffee+alcohol mixture with kahlua. Spin-inducing.

Part B

2. Combine the cream and vanilla. Beat the cream until it’s whipped. My preferred method sans whisk is to put the cream in a tupperware container and shake it till I make it.

Part C

3. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks, milk, and sugar together until it’s this delicious yolky sugar mixture. Smell it. It smells good. Put this into a saucepan and heat it, stirring constantly. Let it bubble for a little bit (~a minute) but don’t let it turn into scrambled eggs. Just enough to kill the germs. Strictly speaking the heating step is unnecessary, you can use raw eggs if you want to be omega traditional.

4. Let the yolk mixture cool to either room temperature or colder. Sticking it into the freezer for a bit works if you’re on a tight time schedule.

5. Add marscapone to cooled yolk mixture and beat until fully combined. Don’t be afraid to stick it into a blender if that’s faster, you can never over-michael-jackson it.

Part D

6. Lay out ladyfingers in a pan of your choosing (the amount of ladyfingers I specified roughly covers the bottom and 2nd layer of a 7×11 pan). If you want your tiramisu to be more cakey and less creamy, use more ladyfingers. If you like to accent the cream, split the ladyfingers in half longways so they’re half thickness and do that. Both ways are good in my experience.

7. Take your coffee mixture and spoon it onto the ladyfingers. No need to use up all of the mixture / don’t be afraid to brew more coffee and mix it with more amaretto. Just don’t put so much as to drown the ladyfingers — but do use enough to soak them. You want the base to be kinda spongey!

8. Take a spatula and start applying the marscapone mixture over the ladyfingers. No worries if your ladyfingers are not completely level, just make up for it with more mixture so it looks level at the end. Nobody will know.

9. Apply whipped cream in similar fashion. You can experiment with buying whipped cream instead of making your own to save time, but I think making your own is better. Be generous with the vanilla, I don’t usually measure vanilla.

10. Continue to do this until you’re out of ladyfingers and stuff. I’ve made 6 layers in individual glass cups before, it’s kinda nice to make personal servings. If you use a large flat pan 2 layers of the 3 things are probably all you need.

Dust the top with cocoa powder. Garnish with strawberry and mint leaf. You are done. Get ready for happy.
I once found a place that garnished their tiramisu with mango, get creative!