6am fog

Can’t sleep. Kev fell asleep a few hours ago while we were watching house of cards — he’d already finished it once before but I spent the better part of my day starting from season one. It is a very good show.

Kev leaves tmrw around noon. I on the other hand have a bundle of commitments to figure out, including filling out a bunch of forms and working on a group project. Ugh.

I had too much grape plunge. That drink is straight crack.

Dreaming of my beautiful SF apartment of the future, with balmy air wafting in through the windows. Versus this snow sludge that very nearly gave my toes frostbite.

Tried playing some Gold Motel in the Union today. Afterwards some dude told me it was good and then tried to give me a flier to his church ministry which takes place at Murphy’s on Sunday morning. Not sure if he was just soliciting me or if I got honest feedback. Blech.

Some nights I wonder if I’m the main character in this story or if I’m just reducing the banality of life for others. Some nights I’d like to see life as a good story in which I am that side character who doesn’t have to go through a lot of conflict or drama and helps out the shitty main character who needs rescuing all the time because I have all my shit together. Some nights I wish I was the main character getting fucked up and making mistakes and hurting but eventually figuring it out.

I usually want one thing when I am the other. How to fix. Send halp.