Quick, update before you forget!

Ah I’ve been meaning to update about break and stuff but never got around to it. Life gets busy.

Break was really good. I got a blood test and apparently I’ve got a little bit of hypothyroidism and I was lacking vitamin D. Says a lot about how the first half of the semester went. Since then I’ve been running and getting back in shape — hopefully I’ll be back to my old self soon.

I’m really bad at school as a lifestyle.

During break I got home and chilled for a day or two, then Steve and I went up to NYC to hang with Lisa and Kev. We stayed at her apartment for two nights and got lunch one last time before heading back. It’s nice to spend a few days in the city. Kev and I had to spend the better part of one day running through some interview questions, but other than that it was mostly a lot of food and fun.

Also worth it because Kev got a job in San Jose! I’m so excited about that.

We went to a speakeasy called Death + Company, which was nice. I think I might be allergic to Campari though, or some other kind of hard alcohol because my throat closed up quite a bit. That was unpleasant. In other news, Bua is definitely the bar I’ve visited most in NYC. I really like that place.

Got a few shirts at Uniqlo cuz they were on sale and I don’t have long sleeved shirts. Or, I didn’t until now. Their fabrics are all really nice and the store is just really pretty. We actually went close to their grand opening last year on Black Friday so it was nice going back this time and seeing it a lot less crowded. So many Asian people there! Also felt like all their close are for skinny people. Eh.

I spent a Sunday afternoon over break building a wooden fishtank stand + cabinet for a new 25 gallon tank. My mother specifically requested a cabinet with doors so we didn’t get any of them pre-built metal ones. It looks really good in our living room now. The two remaining goldfish (after the Esther Soap Fiasco in February) are pretty big. I think the bigger one bullies the small one. David is probably going to catch some more come spring to put into the tank.

Coming back to school has been kind of hard. I procrastinated a lot the first few days and as a result my vision assignment (image stitching using RANSAC) took longer than expected. I’m really not cut out for all-nighters anymore.

A lot of work left before the semester ends but hopefully things go well. Really excited to finally move out west and get out of this terrible weather.

It’s not actually been so terrible of late though, thus me getting outside to run.