Nearing dat finish line

Last Wednesday I turned in my last “hard” MP / assignment that required an all-nighter and a submission ~10 minutes away from the deadline. It wasn’t even that hard, I just procrastinated a lot because the weather was nice.

The weekend was amazing. 4/20 Linas and I went to Exile on Main cuz of record store day, but I didn’t get anything because I couldn’t find a good deal. Heard some sweet local bands though — looking forward to hearing more from the “ninety-twos.” Or something like that. Bought two of my favorite “older” records on Amazon instead: Oracular Spectacular and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the songs on them, so it’s worth it.

Went out with the dudes Saturday evening and long story short, it was a long night. Sunday nothing productive got done because I was so wiped, but the Game of Thrones episode was definitely top 3 to date.

Soon we’ll have the last meeting of a semi-secret society I started this semester. It’s only semi-secret in that if you don’t know where/when we meet, it doesn’t really matter. I’m feeling a bit blue about that, because it was really fun and I learned a lot and I think I actually made new friends in that a lot of the people I invited I don’t get to hang out with on a normal basis for one reason or another. They all have quirks and idiosyncrasies that I find fascinating: artists, musicians, collectors of cool things, aficionados of subjects ranging from yeast to Vladamir Putin. Most of them happen to be pretty good friends of mine too, haha. It’s mostly an assortment of people I’ve met throughout college that piqued my interest. It’s been a blast and I might continue it once I move west, though between work and other extracurriculars I am a little worried I won’t be able to swing it.

I bought my Outsidelands ticket! John Hajduk might be able to fly in for that this summer so I’m pretty excited about that too. So far I know that besides myself, Kev and Lehsah will be going and possibly John and/or Nathan. I’m pretty sure more friends in the area will be going too — there aren’t as many “big” names in the lineup this year but I realized after spending some time looking a bit harder that it’s gonna be worth it anyway. I’m particularly excited for Phoenix, Pretty Lights, and Matt & Kim :D

Also arranged my post-graduation plans. Flying out for Esther’s graduation the Friday after I graduate (only because Delta’s availability was weird and I had $400 in delta dollars to blow), then flying back to Champaign because I need to move things into shipping units. Then flying to Texas for 8 days to get trained and fly in zero g.

I’m no longer doing the long drive because I have to fly to Texas to do that NASA project. Which will be fun. But. I was kind of looking forward to both saving money and going on a long solo drive across half the country. So, there’s that.

_why’s novella has been my longest read in 2013 so far, which is sad considering it’s only 84 pages and some of them are written in font so large they’re not even full pages. But it’s up there in terms of my favorite reads ever. He’s inspiring me to write a whimsical novella of my own for shits and giggles. I don’t precisely know what it would be about but I have some experience with writing at length and I feel like it’d give me an opportunity to toy around with an illustrating style. I also have sporadically interesting thoughts — if only I would remember to catch them as they passed.

Also inspired to read more. I used to love reading literature. What happened to me?

Went running for the first time since the pinched muscle today. It hurt a lot.

Started Coursera machine learning course, finished the first day’s material. Tomorrow I’ll try to do day 2 and finish the week’s material by Friday.

Tempted to find and purchase a typewriter at next opportunity. Or maybe just write everything from here on out in monospace.

Sucks to not blog normally anymore and instead to write long memory dumps like this. I think I blog more regularly when I sleep more regularly. I haven’t been doing that (yet). Trying to sleep by 1am from now on, every night, regardless of progress. Going to bed now.