Started from the bottom now we at brunch

On Friday we had Turkish food for dinner w/ Lisa, KP, and Onur. Kev was out at a tournament. This was the first time since becoming vegetarian that I had lamb chops — soooo good. Got to bed at a decent hour.

Saturday morning we hit Mission Cliffs for an hour and a half of bouldering. Shanu had never been to a rock climbing wall before but she was naturally pretty competent. KP was the most experienced of us but often relied on pulling himself up by his arms (when did he get so jacked?!), and Onur was the most strategically oriented but suffered from the same problem I did (no baseline arm strength). I was definitely the worst, possessing no strategy, no arm strength, and no naturally-accorded climbing ability.

We all ended up sitting on the soft gym floor in envy of some girl who made climbing look like a casual beach stroll.

We treated ourselves to Universal cafe “brunch” (at 2:30pm) then Shanu & I went home and collapsed in exhaustion. Woke up, cleaned a bit, and messed around on the piano before dolling up for a party at Tailors’ Keep:


Today we’ve mostly been working on work and personal projects but are treating ourselves to udon for dinner & Straight Outta Compton at our favorite theatre.