30 Day Challenge

KP challenged Shanu and I to post on our blogs every day for 30 days. It used to be easy for me but it’s a lot harder to fit in now. Trying nonetheless! Warning: these will be logs of my thoroughly quotidian comings and goings.

Monday was really nice. Work wasn’t too busy, got home and went for a 1.68 mile run with Shanu. We had a bi-rite dinner (mmmm), then I went into curriculum planning for my coming weeks.

Today was similar (1.5 mile run by myself after work), but I’m starting to work through Hal Daume III’s math for ml refresher.

Whenever I try to come up with a plan of “what to learn” I find myself swallowed by the pit of unknowing — realizing how little I know, how much I want to learn, and how much I’ve forgotten that I used to know.

Particularly I’m pretty depressed about how much math I’ve forgotten since high school & college. A lot of the subjects I’m interested in involve multivariate calculus, linear algebra, and statistics. I’ve earned (generally high) letter grades in all of these things at the college level, but disuse is a learner’s worst enemy.

I’ve settled for doing refreshers in multiple arenas: I plan on shoring up some of my more glaring math shortcomings this month and getting up to speed with a lot of basics. It’s pretty humbling but necessary if I want to continue diving into complex subject spaces.