Three Weeks of Nexus 6

So I went and got myself a Nexus 6 last month thanks to my 2-year-old iPhone’s screen breaking, contract being over, and Project Fi invite coming in. General feelings:

1. It super sucks that I have to use GroupMe or some other messaging app to text Shanu just so we can see the same emojis. The emojis on iPhone are very different from the emojis on Android. This is weirdly problematic. Also SMS is horrible! I never realized how dependent I was on internet-based messaging, or why Kev has always used GroupMe instead of SMS.

2. Nobody on the internet seems to know where to get a car mount that fits the Nexus 6 + a case. I ended up betting on the iOttie Easy View 2 — turns out it works. I have this case and the holder fits fine. I used to have an iOttie one-touch I got for like $4 on a Slickdeal but at least this was $15 and not $100 (all of the suggestions people have online for car mounts are kinda pricey).

3. I have fairly large hands:

2015-09-02 14.34.52-1

…and using this phone 1-handedly is pretty difficult. This phone makes Shanu’s iPhone 6 look small.

4. I’m a bit nervous about switching to Google Fi because I’ve heard from numerous sources that if you didn’t buy your Nexus during the signup process you tend to run into more problems. I’m thinking about waiting for them to work out the kinks.

5. Ridiculous that I have to use a different launcher (Nova) to get what should be out-of-the-box features. Android camera design is not user-friendly: I don’t want all my shortcuts hidden away, I want them out so I don’t have to swipe to get to them (e.g toggle front camera, access taken photos, etc). It’s hard enough as it is dealing with the very noticeable lag from camera start, as well as iffy behavior of HDR+. At least on iPhone they give you all exposures used to take the picture — if your HDR picture came out worse than one of the composing pictures, you can choose one that’s slightly under or overexposed.

6. I weirdly miss iTunes. Podcast apps on Android aren’t quite as good, why isn’t there a free one from Google? GroupMe’s app on android is worse too.

7. Too many notifications. I understand I can turn them off but why are there so many more than my iPhone by default? Don’t send notifications on updates, just update me!

8. Settings *and* Google Settings!? …it’s pretty confusing. I’m not recommending this to grandma. Or mom or dad.

Other feelings:

9. Apple makes migration horrible. To get my notes, contacts, text messages out was all I really wanted (I already synced all my photos to Dropbox thankfully) but text messages were a no-go (don’t I own my data?!) and contacts for some reason were really buggy. Oh yeah, contacts app for Android can use some UI improvements. Maybe a faster way to edit contacts vs pressing them (risking calling them if you press the wrong place) and looking for a tiny pencil.

10. Qi chargers are actually kinda nice. I used to plug my phone in every day at work but it’s stupid how nice it is to just set my phone down on the desk. I know, wireless charging seems like such a joke / goofy / pointless but the fewer wires I have the happier I am, in general.

11. I’m a little annoyed this phone doesn’t have USB-C and I’ll have to upgrade fairly soon.

12. Passcodes on Android lock screens don’t automatically submit when you type in the digits, you have to press “enter” too. Using the pattern unlock on a phone this big means that sometimes my thumb can’t reach all the way across the screen and I inevitably make a mistake trying to unlock. Ergh.

13. I like that I can use all my work apps, which makes all of this pain somewhat worth it.

14. Audio jack placement feels awkward, I wish it were closer to a corner.

15. Nova Launcher and Google Now are both really awesome.

16. Built-in shazam-like functionality? Yes please!

17. Google’s voice recognition is next-level.

18. I wish we were as good at hardware as we are at software. I also wish we were as good at design as we are at engineering.