Welcome to Portland!

First day of our Portland vacation, all of house is here: Shanu, Kev, Lehsah, KP, Onur, Chaitan, Arun, and Rohit.

Too tired from drinking to post so Chaitan is guest-posting.

HI, my name is Chaitan. I am a friend of Sams, I have the honour of posting on his behalf. To be true to him I will just describe the day I had in the way that Sam would have experienced it. The first thing I did today as ignore Onur as he woke me up (like three times). To be honest, I think Sam would have done the same thing so we are kinda in sync there. Once i felt that i had slept enough(which was determined by the fact that I was hungry), once again something that Sam and I would have resonated with, I got up and told everyone I was waiting on my other friend KP to finish his shower. BTW KP takes ages to shower(I think its to get rid of all of those stinky puns). So anyway, we got on the road towards this waterfall. I actually don’t know how to spell the name of the falls because like its unnecessarily weirdly spelled (just look up the waterfall in portland and you will get it). Anyway, we were all going to check out the falls and we decided that we had to see the summit(YOLO).  It was a nice road going there, it has many properties with different kind of building and  some port moody condos for sale too, halfway through the hike I decided that I should challenge people to jog up the rest of the way. This is kinda not really something Sam would have done, he really doesn’t challenge people to things he just kinda goes with things. But if he had been there he would have accepted the jogging challenge and probs have lasted longer than I did, about .25 miles in i was just dead. Anyway Onur and I got to the top and then half our group decided that they were too tired to come up. (Their loss). We splish splashed in the freezing water, got some nice pics had a jolly time there. Oh, then this other friend of mine Arun gave me shit about my timing so i ran down the whole mile of the mountain. That was a really bad idea because i had not drank any water, secondly i had to poop so it kinda made me rush anyway. Point is, I ran down the mountain from the summit in like 15 minutes. Fuck you Arun, in your face. Sam would not have said that, but he would have ran down the mountain though just to do it, cuz he does things like that. Then we went to another waterfall, but I kinda don’t wanna write about that cuz, well, I wanna drink. I think Sam would have enjoyed the day that I had today. Though it was a bit too Shannon-less for his liking I think. Have a good day, love will find a way.