Portland Day 3 & 4, Sick Days 1 & 2

On Monday I woke up around 10am feeling OK, slightly headachey from the night before but still good to go. Onur, Shanu, and I hiked over to the rose gardens, then had another delicious meal at Grassa (it’s hard to cure the fresh pasta hunger).

It was good to get some exercise in!

We spent the afternoon walking around / looking for a coat for her since she lost her (6,7 year?) soft down jacket last month. Didn’t settle on something for her but we ended up at the Nike Store and I picked up a singlet and a pair of shorts. Yay no sales tax 🙂

After a nap Shanu and I regrouped with everyone else at 10 Barrel. I didn’t have that much to drink but felt pretty bad after. We all talked until around 1am, then everyone tried to get a little sleep before travel day.

Tuesday (travel day) was pretty bad for everyone apparently: Kev threw up a bunch of times, I was headachey and nauseated all day, and Arun tried not to throw up the whole time too. It definitely wasn’t alcohol because I only had 1.5 drinks the night before; I’m thinking we either all got food poisoning or our glasses weren’t clean and we caught something.

Either way, on Wednesday I woke up with a fever and a bad headache so I called in a sick day and pretty much spent the whole day in bed. Shannon and I watched The Life Aquatic before bed and I spent the whole day taking Dayquil in increments.

Today I woke up with an even worse headache and set up an appointment with a general family doctor. I was planning on going to an urgent care clinic if my headache didn’t subside; so far my head has been feeling OK. I’m a bit annoyed / stressed because work is busy and this is perf season but trying to do the right things / get rest / get healthy so I can go back to work in full force. I’ll probably end up doing a bunch of work this weekend.