Another Recovery Weekend

It’s been a week since Portland and I still feel pretty awful. Head is a bit throbby, body has aches, feeling generally unwell. I think today I’ve felt a little better than previous days but I’m a little worried I have mono or something from the lack of sleep with no fluffy pillows amazon / terrible eating of last weekend. I haven’t felt this fatigued as far as I can remember ๐Ÿ™ Here’s to hoping it goes away soon.

Didn’t do much this weekend on account of work catchup and fatigue but on Saturday morning Shanu and I got brunch at Local Mission Eatery, then went to Adobe Books to check out the art installation they had in the back. It was a community project where participants sew together squares of color and turn them into a vibrant patchwork — I learned that Shanu knows her way around a sewing machine and demanded that she teach me a little so we could avoid unfortunate gender roles.

We went to Brewcade with Caleb & Fallon after dinner! It was really fun (but secretly I think Shanu and I are more into arcade games than they are, haha). I wanna go back and play Killer Queen — if I go with Kev I might play more fighting games. They don’t tell you in elementary that being an adult is pretty much the same as being a kid except you have a job. Which means on a given night you have close to unlimited quarters (I mean how many can you spend before the place closes? $100’s worth?)

Not much of a gamer but arcade games are definitely more fun to me than what’s popular these days on computers and stuff. More social / interactive / nostalgic (…probably similar to SSBM now that I think about it) than hyper-addicting / time consuming. Though I suppose anyone can turn anything into an addiction.

Today Shanu and I ventured to Kingdom of Dumpling (their restaurant first, then their store 2 1/2 blocks down Taraval) — this was her first time. Soooo good of course! We picked up ็‰›่‚‰ๅคน้ฅผ, a pack of shrimp dumplings, and a pack of chicken corn dumplings to take home.

Watched Shanghai Noon w/ Shanu, now going to bed. Aiming to KP Klock it all week (context for Natalie: my bud KP goes to work at ~5am and comes home around 10pm ๐Ÿ˜ ).

I’m clearly failing at posting every day but since I cover everything that’s happening (+ sickness johns) this should still satisfy the blogging challenge.