Currently employed in tech but investing heavily in other interests as well.


Software, cooking, reading, music, piano improv, social justice, big dogs, autumn weather, apple cider, turtlenecks, station wagons, collecting art, wandering forever, and writering.

Professional Things

Graduated from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in CS, May 2013.

Currently employed at Google. Previously worked at Impermium, Mozilla, Liferay, and Indinero. Skilled at infrastructure, significant abuse domain experience.

Formerly an avid participant of collegiate hackathons.
– Facebook Midwest Regional Hackathon 2012 Grand Prize
– Facebook World Hackathon Finals 2012 2nd Place
– Yahoo Hack Day @ UIUC 2010 Grand Prize
– Yahoo Hack Day @ UIUC 2011 2nd Place
– Yahoo Hack Day All Star 2010
– 1st Annual Greylock Hackfest 3rd Place
– LinkedIn Intern Hack 2011 Finalist
– LinkedIn Intern Hack 2012 Finalist
– AngelHack Summer 2012 Top 30

Conducted research as an undergraduate at University of Illinois’s Siebel Center. Created a human-computer interface via EEG to command a browser — video.

Participated in NASA’s Microgravity Research Program, built an automatic eddy-current docking system for microgravity. Tested aboard a parabolic flight aircraft.