Currently employed in tech but investing heavily in other interests as well.


Station wagons, wandering, writering.

Professional Things

Graduated from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in CS, May 2013.

Currently employed at Waymo. Previously Google, Impermium, Mozilla, Liferay, and Indinero. Skilled at infrastructure + significant abuse domain experience.

Formerly an avid participant of collegiate hackathons.
– Facebook Midwest Regional Hackathon 2012 Grand Prize
– Facebook World Hackathon Finals 2012 2nd Place
– Yahoo Hack Day @ UIUC 2010 Grand Prize
– Yahoo Hack Day @ UIUC 2011 2nd Place
– Yahoo Hack Day All Star 2010
– 1st Annual Greylock Hackfest 3rd Place
– LinkedIn Intern Hack 2011 Finalist
– LinkedIn Intern Hack 2012 Finalist
– AngelHack Summer 2012 Top 30

Conducted research as an undergraduate at University of Illinois’s Siebel Center. Created a human-computer interface via EEG to command a browser — video.

Participated in NASA’s Microgravity Research Program, built an automatic eddy-current docking system for microgravity. Tested aboard a parabolic flight aircraft.